On August 29 Unity Radio hosted the 17th District Election Forum at Our Lady of the Angels Church on Main Street in Worcester. The current office holder of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Seventeenth Worcester District, Kate Campanale, who was elected in 2014, is not seeking reelection. 
17th District Election Map

17th District Map
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State Rep. Kate Campanale

Kate Campanale
Current State Rep for 17th District

17th District Election Forum Hosts

The Forum was hosted by Unity Radio’s Hank Stolz, host of “Talk of the Commonwealth,” Tony Economou and Gary Rosen, hosts of “The Economou and Rosen Show” and Walter Bird of “Worcester Magazine Radio Hour.”

Walter Bird Tony Economou & Hank Stolz host 17th district election forum
Left to Right: Walter Bird, Tony Economou, Hank Stolz


17th District Election Forum 1
Left to Right: Paul Fullen (R), Pam Gemme (D), David LeBoeuf (D), Stu Loosemore (D), Gary Rosen, co-host of Economou & Rosen Show on Unity Radio
Pam Gemme Candidate Profile Picture

Pam Gemme


David LaBoeuf

Stu Loosemore Candidate Profile Picture

Stu Loosemore

Paul Fullen Candidate Profile Picture

Paul Fullen


A wide range of topics were discussed including funding and improvement of the Worcester Regional Transit Authority, reform of the state’s school spending formula, school safety, sex education and abortion rights.

The three democrats face each other in the state’s Democratic primary on September 4th. The Democrat nominee will face off against Fullen, who is running unopposed by another Republcian, in the November general election.

Images From 17th District Election Forum

17th District Election Forum 2