Interviews from a Week about Worcester Public Schools 1

Interviews from a Week about Worcester Public Schools

The spotlight is on Worcester Public Schools. This Week In Worcester reported on March 19 that School Committee member Dante Comparetto claimed in an email message that “crazy amounts of racism are still happening in our schools.” Comparetto has been criticized by some. 

Criticism has also mounted against the Worcester Public Schools Superintendent, Maureen Binienda. Detractors have focussed on disproportionate rates of discipline for students of color within the school system.

Comparetto, City Councilor Sarai Rivera and executive director of Worcester Interfaith Isabel Gonzales-Webster have been some of the prominent voices critical of the Superintendent. 

Throughout the week Unity Radio had several stakeholders in this debate call in or visit the studio to discuss these issues.

Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz spoke with:

  • Dianna Biancheria, School Committee Member
  • John Monfredo, School Committee Member
  • Michael Lyons, Candidate for President of the Education Association of Worcester (Teachers Union)
  • Isabel Gonzales-Webster, Executive Director, Worcester Interfaith and part of leadership for Worcester Coalition for Education Equity
  • Sarai Rivera, City Councilor 
  • Joe Petty, Mayor of Worcester & Chair of Worcester School Committee

The Economou & Rosen Show where joined in the studio by both Councilor Sarai Rivera and Isabel Gonzales-Webster. Tony Economou is a candidate for city council. Gary Rosen is a current member of City Council.

On Thursday, Superintendent Maureen Binienda visited the Unity Radio studio for the Worcester Magazine Radio Hour to address the criticism of her with host Walter Bird. 

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